Video Production

Reimagining Video in a Connected World


Like most companies our size, we previously though of the concept of videos being primarily associated with television commercials.  In my previous role as Medeco Security Center Manager, we developed a series of commercials available to our locksmith partners to run in their local markets.


With the rise of YouTube and other social channels taking place, door began to open and Videos became an affordable story telling device.  Today, like a lot of companies, Medeco’s YouTube channel is approaching 5 Million Views, over 4 Million of which are a direct result of a Deadbolt Durability Series that was promoted over a three year period.


Arrow had a unique opportunity to promote a new exciting product that had immediate appeal to both Locksmith dealers and end users.  The Revolution touchscreen lock was one of the first of it’s kind to use a capacitive touchscreen similar to the iPhone.  Through a variety of viral video launches, the Revolution took off quickly to become one of our hottest selling products.


Medeco Videos

A variety of different Medeco Video projects can be seen at I have had the privilege to gain experience in all aspects of video production including: co-directing, writing, producing, editing, storyboarding and creative art direction.

Arrow Videos

Most Arrow Videos were produced before the majority of Medeco projects.  The most exciting of which was the “Durability Revolution Vide” where the lock was hit with fire, water and a crowbar.