The Poop Sucker

The poop sucker is a product idea concepted and submitted for production consideration at  It is an evolution of the cordless handheld vacuum. Designed with a detachable extension that makes it easy to clean and unnecessary to bring inside while the main unit is charging. The concept is to provide a solution for picking up poop in your yard without having to bend down and scrape it out of the grass. Ideal for homes where fencing is in place to allow your dog to go freely in the yard on his own.

Dunder Mifflin Paper

I had a concept a couple of years ago, that a paper company should licensed the use of the Dunder Mifflin brand name and offer a line of paper under that brand.  I would have priced it with about a 10% markup and sell it like regular paper.  On a recent trip to staples, low and behold Quill actually made this happen.  Of course I had nothing to do with it.

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